North Korea Day of the Sun Parade: the News Shocked the World

North Korea put its military might on display during a parade in the heart of Pyongyang while the regime showed off some of its latest arsenal. The Day of the Sun celebrates the anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s birth, the country’s late founder and grandfather of current ruler Kim Jong Un.

North Korea Day of the Sun parade

North Korea Day of the Sun parade, soldiers are holding up portrayal of Kim Il Sung

Day of the Sun parade—huge ceremony began on April 15,1997, which is the birthday of late leader Kim Il Sung, in this day, the whole North Korea people put down the works at hand and prepare for the solemn parade. During this day, many tourists were invited from all over the world, in which over 100 tourists were invited this year. And the whole parade shows an important event in the closed North Korea.

At one point, the soldiers directed a chant toward him.


North Korea leader Kim Jong Un in the parade

“We will die for you!” they yelled, CNN’s Will Ripley, who was at the event, reported.
Fears that North Korea would mark its 105th anniversary celebrations with a sixth nuclear test did not come to pass on Saturday, but the dictatorship reportedly used the occasion to show of new types of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Tensions reached new heights in the run-up to the weekend as North Korea uttered a fresh outburst of bellicose rhetoric, and as the USS Carl Vinson strike group continues to sale towards the Korean peninsula. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration has denied a widespread report by NBC News that it planned to launch a pre-emptive strike on North Korea, while Japan is reportedly conducting evacuation drills in the event of active hostilities.

But it seems to be nor a friendly news to the world now in the tension of peninsula situation, Kim Jong Un is eager to show the economic and military power to all over the world, on the other hand, Thad event caused a worse impact to the situation, so it is not heard to image, all the areas of the world are keeping an eye on this land.

President Donald Trump, eager to stop rapid advances in North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs, is signaling a break with decades of US policy as he looks to coax China into ramping up the pressure on North Korea.

On the other side, China is bearing tentative signs of progress and trying to ease the tension. China has turned away coal shipments and made more forceful statements in recent weeks in an attempt to cool the ratcheting of tensions in the region.

No matter what is going to happen, people around the world hope to fix it with peaceful way rather than another terrify war.

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