Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced Begins from $1,149, Now on Sale for Business Customers

Over last year, Microsoft launched the device for Surface Pro LTE to enterprise users, in early march this year, it launched Surface Pro LTE for business customers in the store of the United States. Now, Microsoft announces that Surface Pro LTE for business customers is officially available to buy with the beginning price $ 1,149.

Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced

Just as promised, Microsoft’s LTE-equipped Surface Pro is now available for business customers. While Microsoft hasn’t yet listed the always-connected tablet for sale on its own store just yet, it’s already available in 4GB RAM and 8GB RAM models from Microsoft partner Insight (via Neowin).

Surface Pro with LTE Advanced supports Cat 9 High speed internet and 20 LTE frequency, fitting most of mobile networks.

Surface Pro LTE concludes two configuration, both versions of the LTE Surface Pro run on an Intel Core i5 processor. And aside from the RAM differences, the tablets also differ in terms of storage, with the base model coming in at 128GB, and the top-end model coming in at 256GB. Each model is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X16 LTE modem, which is packed into the space where the fan would sit on the Core i7 Surface Pro. In an engineering overview released earlier this year, Microsoft stated that the device’s fanless design allowed the company to develop the LTE Surface Pro without impacting its size or weight.

Microsoft says the LTE Pro lasts 12.5 hours between charges (compared to 13.5 for the Wi-Fi model), but that’s based on a looping video test and not real-world usage. In my experience, battery life on LTE has been closer to seven hours, which is a little less than I saw with the Wi-Fi version, but still in the acceptable range for this size computer. I’d have really loved to see Microsoft stick an even larger battery in this version to really make it a truly mobile computer, but I think most people will be satisfied with the LTE Pro’s battery life.

Surface Pro with LTE Advanced will begin to sale with the price from $1,149.99 to the top-end model for $1,449.99.

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