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2017 06-27

Evernote Announced to Stop Support to WP and the BlackBerry

Windows phone is out from Evernote

Evernote yesterday has just announced that it will stop supporting its apps for Windows Phone and BlackBerry later this week. The Company explained its decision by the need to spend “more of our time and resources on developing our core note-taking products, Evernote Web, Evernote for Android; Windows; Mac; and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.” in the blog post, And yes, the Evernote Blackberry app is getting fired too.

The company also sent an email to notify its users who use the apps that support is ending, if you are using the note taking app on your Windows phone or BlackBerry, here is what to know:


“As of June 29, 2017, we’ll be discontinuing support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone. If you currently use Evernote on these platforms, you may continue to do so. Evernote, however, will no longer be available for download on these devices and we won’t be making any further updates.”

In the mail, The Company had told that the final time of this apps exist in Evernote was on June 29, 2017, which means Windows Phone and BlackBerry apps will not be available for download or update any longer after 29 this month. What is surprising to all users, however, it’s just three days left to all people by this little notice given by Evernote.


Evernote was launching apps for Windows Phone seven years ago when OneNote was not available. However, the Evernote Windows Phone app received very few updates in more recent years, what’s more, Evernote haven’t launched any version of UWP, but it still own Windows PC.

After all, will you miss the Evernote Windows Phone and BlackBerry app? Feel free to leave your comment bellow.

2017 06-20

Google will Launch ‘Backup and Sync’ to Replace Google Drive

‘Backup and Sync’ to Replace Google Drive

Google currently announced to redesign the existing Google Drive into new feature ‘Backup and Sync’, Which allow users to focus on backup files or photos synchronized on computer to the cloud, and saving the steps to back up your photos from Google Photos for users as it used to be.

With the upcoming Backup and Sync for Mac, the company is replacing the Drive client with this new tool “Backup and Sync” is kind of backup tool “intended to help everyday users back up files and photos from their computers, so they’re safe and accessible from anywhere.”

Specifically speaking, after replacing Google Drive for Mac, its existing settings would be respected after the upgrade on your Mac. Meanwhile, it also feature integration with the Google Photos desktop uploader.

In order to make it easier for the users to back up with different folders, in new Google cloud tool app Backup and Sync, it can choose one or more folders to be monitored and automated backups, and it’s not limited to different hard disks. As a result, it is quite good to check the entire data folders of the computer.


In addition, Backup and Sync also adjust Google Photo, you can use a program to back up your files and photos in the future. Google cloud will be more and more convenient with this tool. Its biggest limit is its space at present, after all, only 15 GB free space may be soon ran out for users.

It’s worth noting that Backup and Sync is not designed for G Suite customers, which means it will not work with those accounts after it is released later in this month. The enterprise-focused Drive File Stream is said still in testing and will be available later this year for all G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit domains.

Backup and Sync for Mac will be released on 28 June, Google advise consumers to update their software to use the latest backup functionality.

2017 06-14

macOS High Sierra: New Features We Know (Part II)

In last article we had talked about the new features of macOS High Sierra, in this article, we will continue to introduce the new features in macOS High Sierra that will officially release on this fall.


macOS High Sierra apfs

macOS High Sierra adopts the Apple File System (APFS), that is most important function brought into macOS. APFS is an entirely revamped, modern file system that’s optimized for solid state storage. It replaces HFS + the new system for running 30 years. APFS is designed on the basis of 64-bit architecture, which is safer, faster, stronger, enabling higher-quality video streaming and playback of 4K video files, enhancing native encryption, space shared, file clone, snapshot, and crash protection, etc.



Other update in macOS High Sierra is about the Video, it supports H.265 decode base on H.264 first of all, which the compressibility compared to H.264 has increased 40 percent, more importantly, the video quality remains the same. The point is that new Video has been upgraded to Metal 2 from the original Meta l in view of the GPU performance.

Metal 2


Metal 2 provides a better development and performance log analysis function, except processing 3D video, it can also be used for deep learning, natural language processing, and thus brought a new computer vision. Apple is the first time to bring support for VR virtual reality, compatible with HTC vive meanwhile, and Apple has unveiled a new suite of Metal VR developers for developers, while optimize professional applications including Final Cut Pro x, SteamVR, and Epic Unreal 4 Editor and Unity Editor.

Other Improvements

There are some other improvements in macOS High Sierra, such as AI while integrate with Siri, which its voice is more natural, and can learn from you and provide advises. iCloud Drive now support sending link sharing, and store the verity kind of information in iCloud, while iCloud supports family sharing by storage plan. Moreover, Memo supports set-top and form-added operation. While FaceTime supports storage by Live Photo catch. And Spotlight supports flight information at hand and so on.
macOS High Sierra is currently only available for developers, Apple plans to make a public beta available in July, the official is available in the fall

2017 06-06

iOS 11 is Coming, What’s New Can it Bring to iPhone?



iOS 11 was unveiled at its WWDC 2017 by Apple on June 5, with big improvements over its iOS 10 predecessor. Here, we bring you everything we know so far about iOS 11, including its release date and new features.

As all the people know: iPhone improves every year in two ways: through a big hardware launch every September that also comes with a software refresh.

What Significant New Features can iOS 11 Bring to iPhone?

First of all, the great update showed in notification bar, which the screen share rate is more than 50%.


App Store


The most significant update in iOS 11is about the change of App Store. The interface of App Store has changed radically, and a new tab called Today to help people discover new apps that are appearing in the start page. There is new independent page for Games, but related information move to the third screen.
Apps also gets its own tab for the rest of the content available on the App Store.

Control Centre

One of the headline features of iOS 11 is Control Centre. It now packs all of the features into one page, and has new sliders. It also has 3D Touch to allow quick access to more settings and features, which looks like it’s going to make life a lot easier.


Messages in iOS 11 launched the “drawer” function, where the user can add all kinds of small suites and editable maps. As long as the user logged on iCloud account, his/her information will be added to other devices in your iCloud account. In addition, the Apple Pay will also be integrated into the Messages.

Apple Pay

The payment in iOS11 also has updated, now uses can be able to pay people, also you can pay people directly from Messages as an iMessage app(found in that aforementioned app drawer) with Person-to-person payments.


Nearly every update of Siri will have a new, more natural male and female voice, as well as a new visual interface. It can translate to different languages in the world, and can show what you expect in mail or Safari according what you had browsed before on your phone.

Camera and Photos

Camera and Photo are also updates in new edition. Under the iOS 11 systems, the Camera can take more clearly picture than former version, but only take half of space. Moreover, photo album support intelligence classification, as well as picture-video transform, and video-picture transform. Image editing features and automatic image processing will also be enhanced by IOS11, that most women would love it.

Do Not Disturb Mode


iOS 11 will bring Do Not Disturb While Driving, too, which it should be a high spot in Apple. When activated, it’ll send people trying to get in touch with you a note to say that you’ll see the message when you arrive at your destination.

2017 06-01

Internet Security Experts Remind: Mac Might be Attacked by WannaCry


The WannaCry ransomware attack that hit nations around the world over the weekend may just be warming up, according to security experts.

In case you haven’t heard, there was a major ransomware attack on Friday whose effects were felt across the globe in 150 countries by 200,000 victims.

Earlier at the middle of May, a ransomware called Wannacry attacked the Windows operating system on the Internet. Ransomware use the advantage Windows SMB to launch an attack to all Windows who don’t have fixed the path of MS17-010, it would carry through osmotic transmission to the terminal user, and blackmail them with Bitcoin or other valuable things.

Instead of being worried and afraid like Windows users, on the other hand, users of Mac are such grateful that their devices are not under attack, but that doesn’t mean Mac users can rest assured easily.

According to CNBC, security risk management expert Aleksandr Yampolskiy said, Mac is also fragile and easily to be victim of this sort of ransomware in fact, it is totally wrong that those who thought Wannacry is no matter to launch attack for Mac.


Yampolskiy is the creator of SecurityScorecard, and also its CEO, he said,“This attack is only aim the targets as Windows users, Apple devices is possible losing battle under this type of cyberattack anyway”

No response has been made to the issue by Apple since the report of CNBC yet.

Yampolskiy also stressed, even if the users store their information and data to iCloud, the security itself won’t be able to improve to higher level.

“If you put the information and data to iCloud, you actually fully depend on third parties and service providers to offer protection, that is to say, once they are attacked, you are in trouble inevitably”

2017 05-23

MacOS 10.12.4 can Display Properly. Exe Executable File Now!

Apple released the macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta on January this year, so now it can properly display. exe executable file.

macOS 10.12.4 is macOS Sierra another major version update, except for bringing iOS Night Shift patterns, also making improvement for PDF API, and reinforcing Siri more powerful. In addition, many users have found that macOS Sierra 10.12.4 now can better able to deal with Windows in the Finder executable (.exe), this is absolutely a good news for them.


Vaclav Vancura, Microsoft’s Mac product designers, who has found that Windows executable file is no longer use the generic icon as before, now macOS Sierra 10.12.4 can analysis in Windows. Exe files normally, and display a usual icon, too. Of course, it does not mean that you can run .exe files of Windows in Finder of Mac. If it is needed to use Windows programs directly on macOS, which we need to install a virtual machine software, for example, Parallels Desktop. But there are also people who believe that for new users, it may cause problems and make them confused, because when they see. Exe icon they may think that these files can run by double-clicked. Vancura gave his advice here, he think it can add the corner mark to executable to remind users these Windows file cannot be directly run. (see the pisture below)


The macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta was released by Apple, if you are interested in it you may wish to join apple’s demo project to experience the new functionality now. Don’t know how to update the latest version? Click here to learn more.

2017 05-16

Microsoft Officially Launches “Visual Studio for Mac”

 Microsoft Officially Launches “

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced they will release the finished Visual Studio for Mac, bringing the development suite out of a months-long preview period, which means not only Windows can use this program but the Mac users can, too.

A Cross-Platform Software Development Company

Thanks to integration with Xamarin, a cross-platform software development company that Microsoft acquired last year, the Mac users can have an experience to use Visual Studio in their computer now. In fact, Microsoft have tried to break down the bound in programs/software between Windows and macOS, Visual Studio for Mac is a good start for those people who have been eager to break this limit.

After spending months in preview, Microsoft finally is officially launching its Visual Studio coding platform for the Mac. Visual Studio allows developers to code applications using Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE) on Apple’s macOS platform, which they can sync across both Windows and Mac devices.

What You Can Do with Visual Studio for Mac


Use Visual Studio 2017 for Mac can apply to develop the applications of Android, macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, Web and iCloud. It can quick coding, easy debugging and diagnosis, timely tested, and safely published. Use cross-platform applications in xamarin.forms can share UI code base on XAML between Android, iOS and macOS without restrictions on access to the features of this machine.

There are three different versions of Visual Studio for Mac that users can download, which includes Visual Studio Community, Visual Studio Professional, and Visual Studio Enterprise. Microsoft markets Community saved as free, but “fully-featured,” IDE for students and individual developers.

For breakdown of the differences between each Visual Studio subscription, including individual licenses, check out the app’s new website to get more details. All of the core Visual Studio for Mac downloads are free, but you might have to pay with professional version.

2017 05-09

Tips: How to Disable the Popup Message Push on Safari


There is always an inquiry window to ask you weather to accept the push of popup message when surfing some main websites on Safari. Though, you can easily choose refuse, and keep on reading, but do you feel annoyed when repeatedly doing the same operation to decline the popup message?

Now, we like to say about how to disable popup window push in websites on Safari, if you are also troubled by the problem, it might be good to consult.
Step 1: Open the Safari browser in macOS system, and easily click“Safari” in the menu bar, nest select Preferences.


Step 2: Click on the “Notifications” tab

Step 3: Uncheck the “Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications” option from the bottom. If you have checked already, please cancel it.


By doing this, it will surely stop the popups that ask you to enable Push Notifications for a website, and you won’t to see that annoying popups.

Step 4: If you have already subscribed to some sites that you want to disable, click on the “Remove All” button to realize.


By doing these steps, you are surely avoiding the annoying message popup from the website, thus, gives you a wonderful and cleaning environment to surf internet.

2017 05-02

Apple Nnnounces It Has Over Two Million Final Cut Pro X Users

Final Cut Pro X

According the report of 9to5Mac, Apple announced that its video editing application Final Cut Pro X had reached 2 million users above in the annual meeting of the National Broadcasting Company Association.

Apple said, after the release of Final Cut Pro X 10.0 in five and a half years, the users of this professional video editing application finally reached 2 million. What is noteworthy is that the adoption rate of the application is still increasing rapidly.

As for Final Cut Pro X, it is significant meaning to reach the milestone of 2 million users. In addition, the released version 10.0 can be said to be completely rewrote the app of Apple, while most of the users don’t care about it.

About the new version interface

Professional users can’t get very used to it after new user interface as well as part specialized function by detachment. Randy Ubillos, who is the creator of Final Cut Pro, had expected that these reactions, and suggested that Apple give people a free copy of version 7 alongside version 10 so that they had a choice of UI and also time to adapt to the new approach. Of course, Apple rejected this idea.

After several versions of amendments and adjustments, new UI interface finally get recognized by the users. At present, Final Cut Pro x has become one of the two major professional nonlinear video editing applications, while the other one is Adobe Premiere.

So far, user can download the 10.3.3 version of Final Cut Pro X in Mac App Store, and its price is $299, a 30-day free trial is available.

2017 04-25

Only 4 Tips to Make Your Mac Run Faster


Why is your Mac running slower and slower? Inevitably, your Mac is becoming older and older, and together with its performance. In fact, that’s quite normal occurred in life, no matter Windows or Mac Book, computer all have the same issue of performance, all we can do is to rescue maturing as much as possible, even though some of problem can be solved by simple clicking. Catch up this article, it will tell you the answer. Similarly, here are four quick tips for those want to make your Mac run faster.

1.Stop Software From Launching Automatically.

Stopping this from happening isn’t difficult: from the start menu to select “Apple” icon, select the “System Preferences” option to open window. From the Users & Groups (or Accounts) window, and then switch to the Login Items tab. If there’s anything in the list that appears which you don’t want to launch at all in front of you then select it and click the minus “-“ button.

Note: in this process, it will slow down for sure if there are plenty of applications are launching at startup, but how many do you actually need in the list? For another, you might ignore about the hidden application because you don’t know it is running back of your sight. So it is a better way to speed up if you can always manually launch them when you need to and benefit from more memory when you don’t.


2.Delete the Useless Applications

Most people usually download plenty of applications stored in Mac in case would have used these “useful” applications someday, day by day, there are always users forget to use them, more importantly, some of them are running secretly hidden of your Mac.


That’s the part reasons why your Mac’s speed is dragging down. On the other hand, part of users get the point of download applications, they only download the parts they would use in the future, so I guess all you can do with highly efficiency to delete the unwanted programs, don’t forget its Login Items and associated folders and files all together, get OXS Uninstaller to help you remove unwanted app for complete.

3.Terminal Clean your Mac’s hard drive and Trash

Sometimes, all your Mac Book needs a data clean-up. Years by years, you’ve probably cluttered your Mac with files and applications with no longer used or needed.  Too much registration Information  saved in your computer may not a good thing as you think, the hacker will use the traces to catch your personal information, so you better have a systematic cleaning regularly.

moreover, you’d better have a fully inspection and clean to your  hard drive, try to optimize storage and release the space on your Mac as follow:

Click Apple icon in start menu >> select “about this Mac”>>Storage>>Macintosh HD>>manage…>>choose one target>> complete.


4.Catch Timely Update of Your Mac for Recent Version

Please be noticed to get update of your Mac timely, the Apple Company would release the new version of Mac, and it always works in some field. No matter in speed up machine, or in order to fix the bugs left by the last version. It is always making sense that you should get a totally new version for your Mac. So next time, don’t forget update your Mac in system reminder.

If you are certainly want to speed up your Mac and cherish your Mac, try the simple 4 tips above to show how you love your Mac. Wish this page can help your problem, more details are updating…