OneCast App Is Bringing Xbox One Game Streaming to Mac

OneCast App Is Bringing Xbox One Game Streaming to Mac

OneCast claims to be the world’s first Xbox One game streaming client for macOS, offering Mac owners a taste of what Windows 10 users have had access to for some three years.

OneCast App Is Bringing Xbox One Game Streaming to Mac

OneCast, which first introduced by Microsoft in 2015 at its Windows 10 event announcing support for using Windows 10 machines as a second screen for Xbox One over the same home network.
As we have mentioned earlier, while Windows 10 users have been enjoying the Xbox One game streaming on their device, Mac users have been working their way through several workarounds in order to score the same functionality. This includes making use of Parallels for Mac in an attempt to run the feature via Windows.

OneCast promises 1080p video throughput, “extremely low lag” and support for either full-screen or windowed viewing modes. An Xbox wireless controller can be connected to the Mac via USB or Bluetooth after a firmware install, and the app supports multiple Xbox user profiles, making it simple to use different Xbox One consoles or gamertags.

In addition to streaming from an Xbox One to a Mac sharing the same wireless network, OneCast supports remote connectivity features that let users play games from anywhere with an internet connection. The company notes play anywhere functionality requires manual configuration of a network router, specifically port forwarding settings.

OneCast offers a free 14-day trial, so you can give the service a shot and see how it works yourself. After, it’ll cost users $9.99 for a license, discounted from the full price of $20.
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Microsoft Officially Launches “Visual Studio for Mac”

Visual Studio for Mac

 Microsoft Officially Launches “

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced they will release the finished Visual Studio for Mac, bringing the development suite out of a months-long preview period, which means not only Windows can use this program but the Mac users can, too.

A Cross-Platform Software Development Company

Thanks to integration with Xamarin, a cross-platform software development company that Microsoft acquired last year, the Mac users can have an experience to use Visual Studio in their computer now. In fact, Microsoft have tried to break down the bound in programs/software between Windows and macOS, Visual Studio for Mac is a good start for those people who have been eager to break this limit.

After spending months in preview, Microsoft finally is officially launching its Visual Studio coding platform for the Mac. Visual Studio allows developers to code applications using Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE) on Apple’s macOS platform, which they can sync across both Windows and Mac devices.

What You Can Do with Visual Studio for Mac


Use Visual Studio 2017 for Mac can apply to develop the applications of Android, macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, Web and iCloud. It can quick coding, easy debugging and diagnosis, timely tested, and safely published. Use cross-platform applications in xamarin.forms can share UI code base on XAML between Android, iOS and macOS without restrictions on access to the features of this machine.

There are three different versions of Visual Studio for Mac that users can download, which includes Visual Studio Community, Visual Studio Professional, and Visual Studio Enterprise. Microsoft markets Community saved as free, but “fully-featured,” IDE for students and individual developers.

For breakdown of the differences between each Visual Studio subscription, including individual licenses, check out the app’s new website to get more details. All of the core Visual Studio for Mac downloads are free, but you might have to pay with professional version.