How to Bring Back Battery Time Remaining Removed in macOS

mac battery time remaining

Since MacOS Sierra 10.12.2, Apple stop displaying the Battery Time Remaining on the Mac computer, if you update your Mac device to the new version, you will find that the battery life remaining estimate disappear on the battery menu. If you hold that this is a very useful feature for you, you can choose to bring it back on your Mac computer.

Before macOS Sierra 10.12.2, people can see a rough estimate of the battery usage life via clicking on the battery icon in the menu bar. However, this feature will disappear from this new version. To recover it on your Mac devices, you can choose one way below to see the battery life remaining estimate.

Two options to display the battery life remaining estimate on Mac

Option 1: employ a Menu bar apps

Some third party Menu bar apps available online can provide the services of checking battery life remaining, some can be used for free, and some other need to purchase before use it on the Mac computer. You can choose the better one you think and install on your computer.

Option 2: check it from the Activity Monitor

If you don’t want to install a Menu bar app, the Activity Monitor on Mac also can help you check the battery life remaining estimate:

  1. Click on Go > Utilities > Activity Monitor
  2. Click on the Energy tab, and you will see the offer a “Time Remaining” number

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