iTunes 12.6 finally let you watch movie rentals across your devices

iTunes 12.6

On Tuesday, Apple just announced its special red version of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which grabbed all the attention, but additionally, it also released an new update for iTunes – iTunes 12.6, which allow the user to watch movie rentals on any of their Apple devices.

“rent once, watch anywhere.” this is just the company dubs for this new feature of Apple iTunes, and it is now available for all of users, people can choose to install it via the App Store.

In the previous version of iTunes, iTunes movie rentals were restricted to the device which people made the rental, and which cannot be shared to other devices which belonging to the same user; or people can choose to transferred it from the Mac to their iPhone or iPad through a sync.

To enjoy this new feature of iTunes, please pay attention that all of your devices can’t be out of date, iPhone and iPad require iOS 10.3, and Apple TV requires tvOS 10.2.


additional knowledge: how to uninstall iTunes from Mac.

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