How can Remove Hotspot Shield Completely from A Mac

remove Hotspot Shield

Problems of removing Hotspot Shield occur on your Mac computer? Can you get the reason and find a proper way to fix it and remove the program effectively? If you still have no any clue about it, the following tips will be a great help for you.

What is a Hotspot Shield ?

Hotspot Shield for Mac is an application that can be used to secure the Internet users online, even though the people are in a public Wi-Fi network; and people can choose turn on of turn off it at any time on the computer.

How did Hotspot Shield get on the computer?

Hotspot Shield is a browser add-on that should be installed on the web browser on a computer, to get it on the PC, you can choose to download it via the Extension or Add-on configurations on the settings panel of the specific web browser on your computer.

How to fix and remove Hotspot Shield well

Are you going to remove Hotspot Shield from your Mac for some reasons? Have you already known the proper way to totally uninstall it on the computer? Due to many people usually encounter some problems when perform this app removal, here are some common resolutions for those issues usually happen when uninstall Hotspot Shield.

Hotspot Shield can’t be removed as it’s open

Resolution: stop the program running on your Mac.
1. Right-click on Hotspot Shield on the Dock, and select Exit
2. Click on Go on the top menu > select Utilities, and double-click on Activity Monitor; and then you should find out the associated process on the list, and select the quit/stop the process

Associated files till appear on Mac after removal

Resolution: clean its preferences and other traces leaving on the computer
Click on Go > Go to Folder… > enter “~/library/”, and browser and delete the leaving files in these folders: Application Support, Caches, Preferences

If you want a better and more effective way to uninstall Hotspot Shield, you will show you more in this how-to uninstall post:


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