Internet Security Experts Remind: Mac Might be Attacked by WannaCry


The WannaCry ransomware attack that hit nations around the world over the weekend may just be warming up, according to security experts.

In case you haven’t heard, there was a major ransomware attack on Friday whose effects were felt across the globe in 150 countries by 200,000 victims.

Earlier at the middle of May, a ransomware called Wannacry attacked the Windows operating system on the Internet. Ransomware use the advantage Windows SMB to launch an attack to all Windows who don’t have fixed the path of MS17-010, it would carry through osmotic transmission to the terminal user, and blackmail them with Bitcoin or other valuable things.

Instead of being worried and afraid like Windows users, on the other hand, users of Mac are such grateful that their devices are not under attack, but that doesn’t mean Mac users can rest assured easily.

According to CNBC, security risk management expert Aleksandr Yampolskiy said, Mac is also fragile and easily to be victim of this sort of ransomware in fact, it is totally wrong that those who thought Wannacry is no matter to launch attack for Mac.


Yampolskiy is the creator of SecurityScorecard, and also its CEO, he said,“This attack is only aim the targets as Windows users, Apple devices is possible losing battle under this type of cyberattack anyway”

No response has been made to the issue by Apple since the report of CNBC yet.

Yampolskiy also stressed, even if the users store their information and data to iCloud, the security itself won’t be able to improve to higher level.

“If you put the information and data to iCloud, you actually fully depend on third parties and service providers to offer protection, that is to say, once they are attacked, you are in trouble inevitably”

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