Can Google Bet AI to Remove Online Extremism


Google announced: YouTube will adopt a more stringent of new measure to combat extremism and terrorism video on Sunday.

Terrorism is a threat to today’s global society, response to this threat constituted by violence and hatred is a formidable challenge for all people”, The General Counsel Kent Walker said as it is, Google now together with YouTube aim to be a part of the solution. We are working with governments, law enforcement agencies and civil society groups to try to remove cyber-violent extremism.

According to Google strategy adjustment, the “severer” measure mainly includes four following parts:

  • To start, Google is pouring more energy into machine learning research, and continue to update the Content of the Classifier in background, which helps YouTube faster recognize and delete the contents related with terrorism.
  • Expand project scope of Trusted Flagger in YouTube (which allows users to report potential violations. Once the users marked a video, there will be a special organization reviewed). To add more 50 independent nongovernmental organizations in the basis of existing 63 by now.
  • For those which are obviously not conform with the policy of the YouTube video, such as those of inflammatory acts of religious or white supremacy video, will be taken a tough stance by “Warning”, not to make use of them, not be recommended or allow the user comments or to its endorsement.
  • Further expand the influence of YouTube on anti-radicalism. Google is using Jigsaw “the skipping method” to attack terrorism in Europe scope. Before this, Jigsaw has applied in the US.


Not just google itself, Facebook had move recently, to hire more employees to strengthen management of online, and they use same measure to reduce terrorism like Google do after  extreme video kept happening.

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