Chrome Browser Market Share 59.38% in August 2017 First Declines in Past Two Years


The Edge, the Microsoft’s browser, share of 5.65% on the desktop browser market, while Google Chrome is still the most popular desktop browsers right now, which its market share is close to 60% according to the investigate data published from NetMarketShare, the market investigation agency. Comparing with the former market shear of Chrome in two years, Chrome has declined a little bit than the previous two years, while it is the first time drops in past two years.

Earlier published this month, the NetMarketShare released desktop browser survey data again, although the Chrome browser market share appears decline for the first time in the past two years reduced about 0.19 percent, but this part of the users are not having the intention to turn to the Edge browser. And its data shows that Chrome’s market share has fallen slightly this month, which fell from 59.57% to 59.38%. Similarity, both Internet Explorer from Microsoft and Firefox from Mozilla are fallen in market share, which the former is 15.58 percent, while the latter is 12.28 percent.

Chrome Browser Market Share

While on the contrary, Safari browser from Apple is rises 0.21% and reaches 3.87%, Microsoft’s Edge browser is still at the same level, the three months’ share of June, July and August have remained unchanged, with the share being 5.66% as of August.

Now you must be curious and wonder why Edge didn’t catch that part of users while most desktop browsers are falling down include Chrome, Firefox and IE. The data showed that the Edge browser’s market share was 5.66%, up just 0.01% from a year earlier, which is not such big change. At the same time, Apple’s Safari browser and other category browser have increased a little bit in market share.


In addition to NetMarketShare, other market investigation agency StatCounter has released the same desktop browser market result, that is, Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer browser’s market share have fallen, while Edge accounted for only 3.96% in the browser market.

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