Microsoft May Erase the 32-YR-Old Paint from Future Versions of Windows

Microsoft May Erase Paint

After 32 years as a company with the Windows operating system, Microsoft may stop supporting the application Paint from its future system.

According to an “Erase” list, the software Paint that company with users for 32 years old, will be removed from Windows 10 Fall Creators update published by Microsoft.

Since the launch of Windows 1.0 in the first Windows version on November, 1985, Paint has been around as long as Windows itself. Initially, Paint just supported 1-bit monochromatic figure. After Microsoft launched Windows 98 then it started to support JPEG format.


Last year, Microsoft launched Paint 3D, which is the advanced version for Paint and allows users to create 3D drawings. As Microsoft has increasingly focused on 3D content creation and distribution, the cancellation of the paint is not surprising.

Besides the rejection “Paint”, other software Outlook Express that is familiar with people is going to be eliminated.

For most Windows users, Paint is the most cherished product in Windows operating system. Compare with other large drawing software, such as Photoshop, Although Paint can’t win in functions, it can be easily scaled and cropped the picture, and a very useful product, as well as the first set of drawing software by many computer users.


Microsoft hasn’t said when will launch the latest “Windows 10 Fall Creators Update” system, so as 100 percent to confirm the removal of Paint. But in Twitter and Facebook, many users have been already upset about the gloomy future of retrospective Paint and seem to retain the cherished program of their childhood memory.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to request for comment.

RIP Paint

For most users of Windows, you may not be sad about saying goodbye to Paint, because the more advanced drawing program Paint 3D is absolutely replacing the old Paint, and many users say it’s useful and wonderful. Sometimes you just need to accept new things, don’t you?

For the latest news from Microsoft, Windows Paint is not dead, the company does not kill the software but puts it into Windows Store instead to let users download it whenever, but it is not as the default drawing app in Windows operating system.

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