The Most Powerful Console Ever: Xbox One X Coming in November 7

The Most Powerful Console Ever: Xbox One X coming November 7

This week the Xbox One X was officially launched, and the pre-Scorpio limited edition was sold out on the first day, the situation is gratifying. Meanwhile, Microsoft in Cologne game show and the HotChips conference also stated that the Xbox One X is the most powerful game console ever in planet.

Details of World’s powerful Console

In earlier, Microsoft has said that Xbox One X is 40% ahead of all other hosts, with 12GB GDDR5 display, 6TFlops graphics floating point performance and 4K HDR native support.

During the game show of cologne, DigitalFoundry had the opportunity to experience of Rise of the Tomb Raider playing in Xbox One X, though it was a game of two years ago, it still be lucky enough listed in the first batch of 100 + enhanced IP sequences, that is to say, it will be special optimized for the Xbox One X.

Comparing to PS4 Pro HD, there are clear visible improvements in detail, physical effects, and characters of XOX. The DF also had mentioned that XOX provides a frame rate for the game first, quality priority and 4K three “enhanced vision” mode.


Xbox One X release date, price, games

On August 21, Microsoft had officially announced that limited edition of Xbox One X game Console would be coming soon in Nov. 17, and its price is about $499 dollars, consumers can now at that time started to make a reservation on its official site.

Microsoft held a press conference on Sunday in Germany, officially released a limited edition of the Xbox One X and a new limited edition Xbox One S game consoles. Xbox One X (XOX) supports 4KUHD, compatible with the Xbox One game, floating-point computing power can reach 6 trillion beats per second.


As the Xbox One x Special Edition, limited edition Xbox One x is equipped with a unique wireless controller, spray paint will be slightly different, “Scorpio” is also printed on the host and on the handle.

Microsoft stops selling Xbox One

The latest news from Microsoft, which has announced to stop selling the original console Xbox One, users will be only provided with Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles when buying online in the future. Different with the United States, UK online store still has original Xbox One product page, but it has been marked as “sold out”.

Released in May 2013, Xbox One is third video game launched by Microsoft in history. Xbox One is a classic product in global game console wars, but now ending with classic tragedy.

Looks like Microsoft is paving the way for its most powerful console Xbox One X in the world now.

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