iTunes 12.6 finally let you watch movie rentals across your devices

iTunes 12.6

On Tuesday, Apple just announced its special red version of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which grabbed all the attention, but additionally, it also released an new update for iTunes – iTunes 12.6, which allow the user to watch movie rentals on any of their Apple devices.

“rent once, watch anywhere.” this is just the company dubs for this new feature of Apple iTunes, and it is now available for all of users, people can choose to install it via the App Store. (more…)

How to Stop Your Mac From Sleeping with Caffeinate (Terminal)

Mac Caffeinate

To save the Mac’s battery life and reducing energy usage as much as possible, many people would choose to set a sleep mode and make the Mac sleep after they doing not touch the machine for a certain time. However, there are sometimes people don’t want the Mac to sleep, especially like they are watching a movie or doing other jobs which do not need to touch the computer frequently, in this circumstance, the Mac will allow you to stop the sleep mode temporarily with a terminal command, caffeinate. (more…)

How can Remove Hotspot Shield Completely from A Mac

remove Hotspot Shield

Problems of removing Hotspot Shield occur on your Mac computer? Can you get the reason and find a proper way to fix it and remove the program effectively? If you still have no any clue about it, the following tips will be a great help for you.

What is a Hotspot Shield ?

Hotspot Shield for Mac is an application that can be used to secure the Internet users online, even though the people are in a public Wi-Fi network; and people can choose turn on of turn off it at any time on the computer. (more…)

Apple Joins Hands With SAP SE to Develop Business Apps

Apple Joins Hands With SAP SE

Apple Inc. and German software in recently announced that they will join hands to develop and release an application which aims at helping the developers build iPhone apps for big businesses, and the release day is March 30.

Last year, these two big firms had been started this collaboration, and focused on designing a tool which allow developers of SAP SE easily fee data between SAP’s business-oriented software systems and Apple’s consumer-oriented iOS mobile platform, while the most of SAP’s systems in currently only can be used on personal computers. (more…)